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Is support raising biblical?

ABSOLUTELY! Prayer support is just as important as financial support. Jesus and the disciples modeled both of these in their ministry. They often asked for prayers and support to meet their physical needs.

What if it all goes wrong?

There is no one way to do support raising. Support raising is a God ask, not a human ask. Humans can’t do it, but God can. It also strengthens everyone’s faith, the giver and the missionary. Trusting Him through the process is the best way to succeed!

What are some books that might help in understanding support raising?

God Ask by Steve Shadrach

People Raising
by William Dillon

Friend Raising
by Betty BarnettFully

Funded Missionary by Rob Parker

More Than Money, More Than Faith
by Paul Johnson, PhD

Never Do Fundraising Again

by Ken and Gaylyn Williams

What are the steps to take?

1- PRAY!
2- Begin with your home church
3- Determine who you will ask and how you will ask for support
4- Make Appointments to meet with possible supporters and churches
5- Prepare a budget to share and craft a transparent story of how God led you to this
6- Go and ask for support!
7- Track your support
8- Say thank you!
9- Create an accountability platform to share your journey with supporters (blog, newsletter, etc)

What are actual ideas to help raise support?

- Send a letter
- Prayer Cards
- Informational booklet
- Meet with small groups
- Present at churches
- Name storming (list all the people you could ask)
- Social Media
- Just ASK!
- Raise more than you need
- Seek veteran missionaries for ideas and support
- Create a presentation to present your story and information
- Get creative!